What is Christeen?

Christeen is a Catholic Charismatic movement for children of all ages. At Christeen we try to see life from a child's point of view. Christeen is a Jesus project for children and teenagers aimed to bring millions of children in the world to the loving care of Jesus.

There is no difference between the importance of prayer in the life of a child and an adult. For Jesus, prayer was life and life was prayer there was no separation. Prayer is the language of our life in Christ.

Children have a deep sense of spirituality and like adults, the spirituality of children must be nurtured in order to grow and flourish. At Christeen we honor the spirituality of children and we consider it our responsibility to provide opportunities to nurture their spirituality. With direction and purpose, children will be able to experience the infinite love of God. Also they will be encouraged to learn from and support each other to see and experience the treasure of heaven.

Christeen is completely guided by God our father. God is with us protecting and inspiring us in all the day to day activities which is dedicated to his children.

Bring children and youth to Christ,and they will bring the world to him.

The seed of the movement was sowed in the heart of a young catholic teacher, P. V.Marykutty, way back in 1979. Christeen is headquartered at Kalathipady in Kottayam District of Kerala in India. Christeen ministries have now extended beyond their home country, India. During the last 30 years Christeen has been specially blessed by God the Almighty to help and serve more than Five Million children so that they could experience Jesus.


We teach children that Prayer is the conversation of life by encouraging simple personal, group and intercessory prayers.

We aim at leading the children and teenagers to Jesus so that they may experience the infinite love of our Lord and realize the healing touch of the Divine Healer by conducting Eucharistic Adoration , children-led masses, music ministries etc.

We conduct Retreats which help children and their parents to discover themselves and to build proper relationship with God and others.

We organize Personality development programs which enable them to develop self awareness and to identify their talents thus to make use of the gifts that God has bestowed upon them.

We employ Print & Visual Media for ongoing Christian formation and various other classes.

We provide Counseling & Guidance for personal growth and value orientation in life.

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